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29 Oct 2015

SEO & Digital Classes in Ahmedabad

Hello everyone, 

How are you all my dear friends i know nobody come to my blog for read my post (lol) but i don't mind, i always share my experience, my experiment and all about depend on my mood. 

So friends this post write about my advance seo & ppc coaching classes. Few day ago i start advance seo classes at jamalpur with my friends yamin pipdwala and shahid pathan, under trainer none other than seo expert mr. Zafar shaikh from jamalpur, ahmedabad. 

Lets know some about zafar shaikh. 
He is seo & ppc (digital marketing) expert last from 5 to 6 year, he won google adword certificate, bing certificate and undoubtedly he also expert in seo.

How i know zafar bhai? 
Before 5 to 6 month i don't know zafar shaikh but one of my friend yamin he meet me with zafar shaikh & tell me about zafar bhai and suggest me for seo classes so after few month i decide i joint seo classes then i joined with shahid and yamin.

Seo syllabus 

Keyword research
Identify valuable keywords
Find keywords with high search volume, high cpc (for organic), low title competition & keyword value.
Seo audit / seo analysis / web analysis
Website optimize as per seo and search engine friendly

So friends i think it’s enough for one post i share with you more about my classes in my next post part so please visit again for learn perfect seo and ppc.

1 Aug 2013

Blogger SEO Tips

Hey how are you my friend's...
This is online tutorial video for complete Blogger SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips it is very helpful for learn SEO with your Blogger blog and you can very easily create your personal/business blog in and easily increase your blog ranking around major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other.

Friend's this video is completely guide for learn blogger and  SEO with Hindi and Urdu language. you can very easily understand all concept and you will create your SEO Friendly blog in

So friend watch carefully this video for Hindi and Urdu language and create your  blog.

Friend's this video presented by it is a very helpful website for It person. here include all video like SEO full Courses video, Wordpress Training  video and other Content Management System (CMS) videos.

if you want contact this website so please click this link
online Ustaad 

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